OpenGL And UIKit Demo

uikit_demo.pngThis coming Monday I’ll be giving a presentation at 360iDev titled “All You Wanted To Know About Mixing OpenGL with UIKit (And More)”. It’s an extended version of my talk at this year’s GDC iPhone Summit. It’s going to be 1h 20min long instead of just half an hour.

The main difference is that I’m going to go in detail about each of the different cases of mixing OpenGL and UIKit, and what better way to do that than with a live demo. I’ll be switching back and forth between Keynote and XCode and going over the details, which is where a lot of the tricky parts are.

Here is the source code for the demo. That way you can look at it now and come to the session prepared with more questions, or ready to discuss what works and what doesn’t work for you. I love to have interactive sessions, so definitely come ready to ask questions.

If you’re not coming to 360iDev… shame on you! It’s the best iPhone conference around. You’ll be missing not just my session, but tons of other great talks, and the iPhone Game Jam (sponsored by TouchArcade this year). If you can’t make it this time, make a note on your calendar for next time!

GDC 2010: The Best of Both Worlds: Using UIKit with OpenGL

borg-701632.jpgHere are the slides for my session at the GDC iPhone Summit, The Best of Both Worlds: Using UIKit With OpenGL.

It was a 30-minute slot, so the material is pretty condensed without the chance to expand on the topics. I’m giving an extended version of this talk at 360iDev in a few weeks, so I’ll be able to get into more details then and have a cool sample app that shows off all those concepts.

It was great seeing a bunch of you at my session and at around the iPhone and Indie Summits. It was a great couple of days!