Buy Flower Garden This Wednesday To Help Haiti

As part of Indie+Relief, all proceeds from Flower Garden this Wednesday will be donated to Haiti through Doctors Without Borders. Encourage your friends to buy Flower Garden for a good cause! That includes in-app purchases, so feel free to load up on fertilizer :-)

If you’ve already purchased Flower Garden and you’d still like to help out, you can check out the great lineup of Mac and iPhone apps at Indie+Relief, or donate directly to Doctors Without Borders here.


Flower Garden Now An Apple Staff Favorite On The App Store Worldwide!

Aparently Santa came to town a little later this year. Or maybe it was the Reyes Magos (also bit late). In either case, I woke up this morning to find a very nice present waiting for me at my computer: Apple featured Flower Garden as an Apple Staff Favorite! Apparently this is in all App Stores worldwide too (I have confirmations for Canada and Thailand, so I imagine it applies to other territories as well).


This is the first time Flower Garden has received any kind of “Apple love”, so it’s particularly exciting, especially considering that Flower Garden was released all the way back in April. I imagine the recent update, which included the Flower Shop with in-app purchases, must have caught someone’s eye.

The only downside is that the featuring might throw off the sales data I was collecting to show the effect on sales that in-app purchases and the holiday season had. But I’m not really complaining. That’s a very nice reason to have the data thrown off :-) Thank you Apple!

Two Day iPhone OpenGL Class Coming to The Bay Area

carsAfter the success of the OpenGL class in Denver, we’re bringing the iPhone OpenGL class to the Bay Area. It will be held November 19th and 20th in Cupertino, right next to Apple’s headquarters at Infinite Loop.

The class is aimed at iPhone developers without previous OpenGL or 3D graphics experience. As part of the class, we’ll create both 2D and 3D OpenGL applications, and we’ll cover a broad range of topics, start with the basics of setting up OpenGL and rendering triangles on screen, to multitexturing and point sprites in the last day. This is definitely a hands-on class, so you’ll need to bring your laptop and be ready to do some coding.

Check out the Mobile Orchard page for discounts and registration details. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!

Early Bird Registration Ending For Denver OpenGL Class And 360iDev

OpenGL_iPhoneFor those of you still on the fence about attending my iPhone OpenGL class in Denver, you should sign up before this Sunday if you want to get the super-combo deal. Right now you get a total combined discount of over $300 if you sign up both for the OpenGL class and the 360iDev conference. If you’re only interested in the OpenGL class, the early-bird registration ends next Friday, September 4th.

Obviously I’m biased when I say the class is going to be awesome (which it is), but I can also say with total honesty that 360iDev is an incredible conference. It’s very different from WWDC, but that’s what makes it so great: It has top-quality content and speakers, but it’s small and intimate, so you get to meet and hang out with all the other speakers and participants. It was at the first 360iDev conference back in March that I met Keith and Owen (among many other cool developers) in person for the first time and that’s how App Treasures was born.

So if you’re on the fence, I hope you give it a try. See you in Denver!

Teaching a Two-Day OpenGL iPhone Class. Register Now!

openglI’m excited to announce the intensive, two-day class on OpenGL for the iPhone that I’ll be teaching. The class will be held September 26th-27th, in Denver, right before the 360iDev conference, and it’s part of the Mobile Orchard Workshops.

The class is aimed at iPhone developers without previous OpenGL experience. It’s going to be very hands-on, and you’ll create both 2D and 3D applications during the weekend. You’ll learn all the basics: cameras, transforms, and how to draw meshes, but we’ll also cover some more advanced topics such as lighting, multitexturing, point sprites, and even render targets. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of the basis, which will allow you to continue learning OpenGL and advanced computer graphics on your own from the docs, samples, or even browsing the API directly.

The main requirement for the class is that you’re familiar with the iPhone development environment and that you have basic knowledge of the C language. Beyond that, to the the most out of the course, you should be familiar with the basics of linear algebra (vector, matrices, and dot products). Anything else, we’ll cover it all during the class.

Registration is now open, and you can get some great discounts by registering early and attending the 360iDev conference. For more details, check the official announcement page.

Hope to see some of you there!