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360iDev: Cranking Up Floating Point Performance To 11

360iDev_speakerHere are the slides and the source code for my talk this afternoon at 360iDev in Denver. Thanks to everyone who came to the talk. I was surprised to see so much interest on this topic, so that was great.

Session description:

The iPhone has a very powerful engine under that shiny hood when it comes to floating-point computations. This is something that surprises a lot of programmers because by default, things can slow down a lot whenever any floating point numbers are involved. This session will explain the secrets to unlocking maximum performance for floating point calculations, from the mysteries of Thumb mode, to harnessing the full power of the forgotten vector floating point unit. Stay away from this session if he thought of reading or even (gasp!) writing assembly code scares you.

  1. There you go, pdf format. SlideShare is totally broken and the slides have been pending for 24 hours now.

  2. SlideShare is finally working again, so I uploaded the presentation there as well (updated link)

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