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The Power Of In-App Purchases

I finally managed to get through the hotel wifi and upload the slides for this morning’s 360iDev talk: The Power Of In-App Purchases. Thanks everybody who attended for the great questions and feedback!

Session description

The common-sense approach to make money on the App Store used to be to do anything to get on the top charts. In-app purchases changed all of that. Good in-app purchases can make your app profitable without being anywhere on the charts, and are the best hope for the independent developer. Come to this session to learn why IAPs can be so effective and how to leverage them effectively: what makes a good IAP, how to increase your user involvement, how to present IAPs in an attractive way, what things attract users, and what things turn them away. We’ll go through lots of detailed real-world data from Flower Garden and other games with strong IAPs.


Presentation slides: [Slideshare] [pdf]


    • @SnappyTouch 156 slides – you should make a movie! Slides look great but I guess you needed to be there.

      • @robpearson67 Most of them are animation states, so not so many. Get the audio from @360iDev when it’s available.

    • @SnappyTouch thanks for sharing the slides. i definitely want to give IAP a whirl sometime soon!

    • @SnappyTouch Will the video of your talk be available at some point like last year?

      • .@SnappyTouch @TorontoJoe Oh yes most definitely! Probably not for a at least 1-2 weeks, I gotta start processing, but then they’ll up.

    • @SnappyTouch Great slides Noel. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the shout out to TM! Have fun in Austin.

      • @SnappyTouch not at @360iDev – did you cover free + ads -> paid model? Thinking about doing a free app w/ iAds w/ IAP option to remove ads

    • @SnappyTouch excellent excellent info. Thank you fir sharing! PDF seems to have 156 pages with lots of duplicates tho fyi

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