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The Making Of Casey’s Contraptions

Pocket Gamer just published an article on “The Making of Casey’s Contraptions”. It’s an in-depth interview with Miguel and I, talking about the origins and development of Casey’s Contraptions. Learn what influenced the art style in Casey’s Contraptions, how we almost went with a freemium model but pulled out at the last minute, and more.

  1. I know this is a great game and all, but it really bugs me that “The Incredible Machine” is not cited as a source of inspiration, when C’s C’s is clearly a modernised and improved version of the same formula. Not that this detracts from the hard work you guys put in, but I struggle to believe your idea is not derived from the original TIM concept.

    • James, We didn’t list The Incredible Machine as a source of inspiration because it didn’t play a significant part in the development of Casey’s Contraptions. Yes, I played TIM over 20 years ago and loved it, and the base game mechanics are very similar. But we didn’t arrive to the current idea through there, but by thinking back at fun things to do as a kid. We even went out of the way not to look at TIM so as not to be influenced by it during development. Would Casey’s Contraptions exist as it does today without TIM? Impossible to say. Probably not exactly, but I think it would in some form or another.

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