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Tea Time! Back Up

snappyI was just pleasantly surprised to see that my new sales contract as Snappy Touch for the App Store was approved and that Tea Time! is once again available for sale. I was fearing it would be gone for days, but the blackout only lasted about a day. Not too bad.

The only difference is that now it’s listed with Snappy Touch being the seller instead of my name. Will this be the end of the App Store saga? Let’s hope so.

In the meanwhile, a sales update for those of you curious about it: In the first three days, Tea Time! sold 83 units. On one hand, that’s more than I expect (although I suspect that half of those are people following this blog and my announcement on Facebook). But on the other hand, it’s nothing if you’re trying to make a profit from it, even if it just took a couple of days to put together.

Granted, this is an extreme example. It has gotten exactly zero marketing of any kind, and it’s aimed at a very specific audience. I’m sure if a place like Republic of Tea or Adagio Tea advertised it in their catalogs, sales would go way up. But it gives you a base line of what you can expect in the worst case.

  1. How do you change your listing from individual to a company? (Btw, your blog is a great resource. Most of those Google search hits in your Analytics for “Snappy Touch” are probably mine.)

    • Hi Kevin, I had to contact the ADC tech support and tell them I wanted to make the change. They will require proof that the company exists, so I sent them a pdf with my official articles of incorporation.

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