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Status: Pending Contract :-(

pending Based on all the horror stories I had read from other developers, I really thought I got out easy submitting Tea Time! It only took a week and a half to approve, there were no complications, and I was able to change to a company status half way through.

I guess I really got out too easy and Apple had to remedy that. Today I found that Tea Time! shows up in the App Store listings, but it’s unavailable when you try to buy it. When I looked in the app management site, much to my surprise, Tea Time! was listed as “Pending Contract”.

What I thought was a relatively fast switch from individual to a company status, just propagated through their database and cancelled my previous contract. So I had to enter all the banking and tax information (exactly the same as before) and wait for the bureaucracy to approve it. So it looks like Tea Time! is going to be out of commission for a few days (or weeks or months?).

It really blows because it will kill whatever little momentum it had. Boy am I glad I went through this now and not with my other project!

  1. Sorry to hear that, Noel. I spent my entire day dealing with contract stuff and reading tax forms. Doing all of this from outside the U.S. is not much fun.

  2. So, if you put an App up for sale, you have to register as a business? Since your company isn’t hosting the site, you don’t have to pay the $299 right? You still pay $99 for the certificate, right?


  3. “Baking” info, or “banking” info? Making some scones to go with the tea, are we?

  4. >> So I had to enter all the baking and tax information (exactly the same as before)

    I like food too, but to have to enter your baking information to Apple’s database? That sucks!

  5. Hehe… Yeah, they needed to know all my “baking” info to go along with the tea 🙂 (fixed)

    @Rod: You don’t have to register as a company. That’s something I chose to do because I’d rather present it as coming from a company. It’s also something that can come handy if I do some consulting or contracting work, but it’s totally optional. And you’re right, I’m only paying $99/year. Really, it should have been a bit change, and ideally one I could have done online myself. Sigh.

  6. I feel sorry for that actually, such setbacks can sometimes wreak havoc for a an otherwise great app. I thought may be I was evil to suspect Apple in first place, but it’s good to see that they still have their nonsense (read evil) standards (

    Some time ago, I had submitted a free App that had a popup (which appeared after user had used the app for some time) containing links to other apps of mine. They rejected it saying I needed to put all of the functionality in the free App. It took some time to make them realize that the free version did have all the functionality, it only lacked content.

  7. >> but it’s good to see that they still have their nonsense

    I was actually referring to your bitter experience, I know the google app news i linked is old story now.

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