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Presenting at GDC 2009 on iPhone Development

gdc09It seems like GDC was just the other day, but GDC 2009 is around the corner! And this year, I’m going to be giving a presentation titled iPhone Development: Exploring The New Frontier I’m sorry about reverting to the cliched format of having a colon in the presentation title. It was too hard to resist :-).

I’ll be sharing my experiences transitioning from traditional AAA console game development, with teams of 100+ people, multi-million budgets, and several years of development, to indie iPhone development. There are a surprising amount of things that carry over from “big game development”, and quite a few that are totally different. I’ll go into what’s involved making games for the iPhone, and what game developers can expect when making the transition.

Apart from my talk, I’m particularly excited about this year’s GDC. It seems that the amount of content on indie game development and iPhone game development has shot through the roof. On Monday and Tuesday we’re treated to not just one, but two great summits: The Independent Games Summit and GDC Mobile! Last year, the Independent Games Summit was the best part of the show. Meeting all the other indie game developers out there and hearing their experiences was great. This year I’m hoping for more of the same plus all the iPhone-specific content.

Of course, the main conference is packed with great content too, but I haven’t had time to go through all of it and pick the sessions I want to attend yet. Too busy wrapping up my current project.

So if you see me around the show, stop by and say hi. I’m always glad to meet other fellow developers, and it’s always nice to put a face with a name for those of you that I know know through Twitter or online blogs.