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Get Your Games from Within Fix on The Go

I hate driving. You have to deal with crowded roads and people who seem to be doing their best to get in your way. Worst of all, it’s dead time: you can’t read, you can’t write, you can’t use a computer, or even take a quick cat nap. So I really try to minimize how long I spend on a car and try to do everything remotely, or walk or ride my bike instead.

This being Southern California, cars are an inevitable reality. So what do I do while I’m stuck in my tiny subcompact hatchback? Devour every broadcast of TedTalks. I’m totally, irreversibly hooked on that podcast. And now, we finally have our own game industry podcast.

Ryan Wiancko, over at Industry Broadcast, has started recording articles from several of the top game development blogs. I’m happy to announce that he has added Games from Within to the list of articles he’s recording. He started with the oldie-but-goodie Optimizing the Content Pipeline that I wrote for Game Developer Magazine a few years ago (Note to self: I need to write an updated version of that article with my current thinking on the topic). He’ll be adding some of the most popular articles from the site as well as covering new entries.

So fill up your iPod with juicy game development recordings and have them handy wherever you go.

  1. Thanks for the plug and more importantly thanks for the support. It definitely is exciting to know that your insight is going out to so many people in its nice convenient form.
    Can’t wait to get the next one of yours up!

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