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GDC 2009: iPhone Development: Exploring The New Frontier

Things have been so busy ever since I got back from GDC that I never got a chance to upload the slides for my GDC presentation. So here they are. You can download the Keynote file directly from here, or view it online.

The presentation went very well. The room was *completely* packed, with every seat taken and people standing along the walls. In retrospect I shouldn’t be surprised because it was the only iPhone presentation in the main GDC conference. Clearly there is a huge amount of interest in the platform. I’m already pushing to have a lot more iPhone content for next year, so you can all look forward to that.

Because it was the only iPhone presentation in the main GDC, I had to keep it very high-level and focused on the question of “what can you expect if you switch to develop games on the iPhone”? Not like I can really answer that, but at least I can share what my experience was. Hopefully next year I can really dive into some juicy tech topics.

In the meanwhile, if you’re dying for some more technical content, go check out my latest column in Game Developer Magazine dealing with multi-touch input devices with the lessons I learned from Flower Garden.


Update: Ari Braginsky recorded the audio of the session (part 1 and part 2), so if you want, you can follow along with the slides. Thanks Ari! I believe that the synced audio and slides will be available through the GDC web site for registered attendees too.