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Flower Garden Released!


Flower Garden was finally approved and it’s available right now! This is what I’ve been pouring my heart and soul for the last six months. You can buy it directly from the App Store.

If you like it and would like to help out, here are some of the things you can do to promote it:

  • Go back to iTunes and write a fair review
  • Grow flowers and send bouquets to your friends
  • Join the Flower Garden group on Facebook
  • Tell all your friends how great it is ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks everybody for all the encouragement and support along the way. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

And don’t worry, this is just the beginning. I have lots of updates planned, so keep an eye out for lots of fun new features!


  1. Best of luck to you! — been following this blog & power of 2 for a year or so, so I hope it’s a roaring success ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really like the idea of flower garden. Good luck and post some news about feedbacks you’ll receive.

  3. Review posted. Well done Noel. My one thought for an improvement is that I’d like to be able to plant different types of flowers in a single pot – add a flower arrangement aspect to it (and also exponentially increase the variety ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  4. I just randomly came across this blog today (via google) as I was searching for an example of using multiple UIViews for OpenGL. Your post was helpful to me, so I checked your most recent post out of curiosity and found that your app was just launched today! Congratulations! I truly am excited for you.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t have much interest in the particular app that you’ve created (it’s a great app, but can’t please everyone), but I bought it anyway because of that one line: “This is what Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve been pouring my heart and soul for the last six months.” It’s only 1.99 for me, but put them all together, and it can mean so much more for you.

    It’s downloading now.. I wish you best of luck!

  5. I like it! =D

    I sent myself a boquet about a minute ago, and it said that it was sent, but it hasn’t arrived yet (my reception is bad in here; maybe that’s why). I’m sure it’ll arrive at some point.. If it doesn’t, I’ll try again from outside (good reception); and if it still doesn’t work, then I’ll be sure to leave you a comment.

    Also, one time, I had checked up on a couple pots, then went from the “garden” tab to the “seeds” tab, and it was loading for a second or two (as usual), but then it just exited the app. I wouldn’t worry about it just yet tho.. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

  6. A couple more things you might want to know:

    The message that says “your bouquet is ready” (or something like that) appeared after the first flower I cut for the SECOND bouquet I created.

    The app shut down on me again when I was going from the garden to the seeds tab. I wasn’t able to reproduce the error though.

    Lasly, I’ve sent four bouquets now (to myself), but haven’t received any of them. I have to manually type it each time, so I don’t think a typo is to blame.

    P.S. I still like the app; I’m just trying to help =)

  7. Just in case this is the problem, I wanted to let you know that the email address I registered with (during the one-time registration info prompt that shows up after trying to send bouquet for the first time) is the same email address that I tried sending the four bouquets to.

    I don’t know exactly how you’re sending the emails, so I have no idea if this could be the problem, but just thought I’d throw it out there.

  8. Thanks for the support, DevNote. The bouquets not reaching yourself is probably because they’re marked as spam. GMail is particularly bad about it, especially if they come from yourself (that’s an almost automatic spam trigger). Check your spam box for an email with subject “Flowers for you”.

    I’m glad you’re liking it though. Keep the comments coming, either here or through the Flower Garden feedback form.


  9. How do you unlock the flower seeds? I only have three. I want more.

  10. Hi Jene,

    Just continue planting seeds, growing flowers, and sending bouquets. You’ll be unlocking new seeds in no time. You might want to check out the Facebook forum for more questions and comments). Cheers!

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