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Snappy Touch Picked As Top 50 Developer

Top 50Pocket Gamer just picked Snappy Touch as a top-50 developer for mobile and portable devices for the year. I’m really honored they counted me among the best 50 of the year, especially on a year with so many great games and new developers.

2010 was the year I was hoping to ship Casey’s Contraptions, but that didn’t happen. However, it’s great to see Pocket Gamer took notice of the ongoing work on Flower Garden. Every update feels like a small product release on its own, and there were many updates in 2010!

Flower Garden has come a long way since its initial release on April 2009 (almost two years ago!). There is so much more to the game now than the initial release! These are just some of the most important new features since then:

  • Multiple seed packs
  • Multiple garden locations
  • Day/night cycles
  • Fertilizer
  • Green Thumb Point awards
  • Game Center achievements and leaderboards
  • Sending bouquets through Facebook (and SMS in this next update)

Flower Garden also recently reached the milestone of 5 million bouquets sent. That’s a lot of flowers! Thanks to all the Flower Garden fans for making this possible!

  • Pocket Gamer picks Snappy Touch as one of the top 50 developers of the year! Totally flattered!

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      @noel_llopis Congrats! You really deserve it. Continue the great work!!

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      Congrats! RT @noel_llopis Pocket Gamer picks Snappy Touch as one of the top 50 developers of the year!

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  • Congratulation Noel!

  • Well done 🙂

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