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San Diego iPhone Developer Gathering This Wednesday

Yes, it’s a horribly busy month.

Yes, GDC is around the corner.

Yes, I’m supposed to ship Flower Garden this Friday.

But none of that is stopping us. Come mingle with other iPhone developers this Wednesday at the Irish Pub in Carlsbad. As a bonus, I’ll do a practice run of my GDC talk about iPhone development (now that’s an old picture!).

When: Wednesday March 18th from 7:30PM until whenever.
Where: O’Sullivan’s Pub in Carlsbad (home of the Appy Entertainment Secret World Headquarters)

If you’re thinking of coming, please RSVP by leaving a comment below or emailing me. That way we get a rough idea of how many people to expect.

See you all in a couple of days!

  • My first game, Terraform, was just approved. I’m still just a casual developer, though.

  • Congrats Sean! Getting a game on the App Store is great. Definitely come over and celebrate 🙂

  • Hi Noel,

    I’ll be going along with (probably) 4 other NSCoder Night guys (Lake Forest group). I also passed along the info to a few developers from San Diego, so there may be some more coming from that direction as well.

    Looking forward to seeing Flower Garden on the store!



  • atta

    im looking to meet up with local san diego iphone developers. im new to the whole developing scene and just want to meet up with people who i can learn from. please email me back at

  • Hi Atta,

    Check out the San Diego iPhone Developers group: There you’ll get the information about all the upcoming meetings. We’ll probably have one in the middle of next week.