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GDC Austin 2009: Squeezing Every Drop Of Performance Out Of The iPhone

austinI just put up the slides for my talk this morning at GDC Austin: Squeezing Every Drop Of Performance Out Of The iPhone.

Thanks for everyone who attended the session and for the great feedback so far. If you’re going to be in China next month, I’ll be giving a very similar talk at GDC China.

Session description:

This session will describe the iPhone performance optimization lessons learned through many hours of tuning. We’ll start with an overview of the performance analysis tools available on the iPhone SDK to help you narrow down your performance bottlenecks. Then we’ll cover the best way to set up your render loops, rendering best practices, how to deal with the limited memory, or even how to drop down to assembly to use the forgotten vector floating point unit.

Presentation slides (pdf format)

  1. Hi Noel,
    Thanks for an excellent presentation!

    I’d be very grateful for a PDF copy of the slides to show to people.


  2. Hi Oliver,

    Somehow I thought you were able to save presentations from Slideshare in pdf format. I guess not. I just put up a link to the pdf version.

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